Clean-Only Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Clean-Only Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

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On the most amazing and memorable day of your life we know the last thing you wanted to worry about was keeping your wedding gown in pristine condition. There were guests to greet, great food and drinks to be enjoyed and of course, a dance floor that was calling your name all evening. While you were busy having an amazing time your dress was being introduced to all kinds of elements that cause long term staining and yellowing. Some of the worst offenders are sweat and deodorant, dirt and grass, foods such as icing red wine, makeup and many more. While at first glance you may think that your dress came out of your action-packed day unscathed, the unfortunate truth is these invisible stains will wreak havoc on the delicate fibers of your wedding gown if left untreated. White satin will become dull and muted, sweat stains will cause the underarms of your dress to yellow and dirt trapped in your hemline will start to brown the fabric. The only way to prevent your dress from becoming a dull shadow of its former self is have your gown professionally cleaned by wedding dress cleaning experts.


Remove Visible & Invisible Stains on Your Wedding Dress

It is for this reason that we've created our Wedding Gown Clean-Only Package to bring back the brilliance of your gown without a full preservation. This package is perfect for brides who purchased a pre-owned gown, brides who plan on selling or loaning their gown after their wedding, or for any other reason you wish not to have a full preservation performed on her wedding dress. When you order our Wedding Gown Clean-Only Package, your dress will receive a museum quality cleaning with our SYSTEMK4 technology which is specially formulated for delicate fabric care. Your Clean-Only package also includes $500 worth of shipping insurance which you can increase at the time you receive your kit and FREE 2-way shipping to be professionally cleaned by our experts.

  • Premium Museum Quality Cleaning Utilizing our Exclusive SYSTEMK4 Delicate Fabric Cleaning Technology
  • Free 2-way Shipping Included
  • $500 Shipping Insurance Included
  • Premium Garment Bag Included
  • Access to GownTracker™ to Track Progress of your Gown 24/7



  • Exclusive Delicate Fabric Museum Quality Cleaning
  • Includes Premium Garment Bag
  • Works With Every Size Dress
  • Ships FREE & Fast to Your Home
  • Increase the Sale Value of your Gown
  • $500 Insurance Policy Included (Additional Available*)

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